Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids:

policy, science,
and medical practice

Prague / 4–7 March / 2015

Konference je akreditována v systémech celoživotního vzdělávání ČLK, ČLnK a ČAS



You may watch the presentations online - Presentations

The conference Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids: policy, science and medical practice aimed to bring together cutting-edge researchers and scientists in the field of medical cannabis and cannabinoids, to provide workshops and practically oriented training for medical professionals from countries with an interrupted tradition of cannabis use in medical practice, and to summarise the effectiveness of different legal approaches allowing medical cannabis in the broader context of a global prohibition on psychotropic pharmaceuticals that created legal, logistical, and economic barriers to its availability to people in need. 


Credits: Camera Medica Bohemica 18 credits (event no 38620); Czech Chamber of Pharmacists 20 points (event no 15297). Czech Association of Nurses 12 credits (event no ČAS/KK/365/2015).